Agribusiness in Africa

Organizing Farmers of the Future

January 23, 2017

Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Berlin, Germany

Impressions of the last Events

  • The first AGCO Africa Summit kicked off in January 2012 with “A Vision for Agriculture in Africa“. It provided a lively exchange on Africa’s future challenges and opportunities while seeking solutions to the question of global food insecurity in the face of declining agricultural land base and increasing population.


  • The second AGCO Africa Summit in 2013 “From Vision to Action” took a closer look at the progress made in Africa and how ideas have started to turn into reality.


  • Under the theme “Innovation in the Field“ the third AGCO Africa Summit in 2014 focused on sharing innovative ideas and successful practical examples of new technologies which could be applied to improve the performance of the agricultural sector on the continent. 


  • Adopting the theme “Agribusiness in Africa – Partnering for Growth” the fourth AGCO Africa Summit in 2015 supported the idea of agriculture as a business and not a development agenda and underlined the equal footing debate. Successful approaches for large commercial projects, mid-sized domestic agribusiness and commercially minded smallholder farmers were discussed.


  • In 2016, the main thematic focus was on innovations in agriculture financing; advances in supply chain linkages connecting farmers to their markets; and original business ideas promoting food nutrition, crop diversification and food security - all through the lens of sustainable and inclusive development.  


  • We look forward to the 2017 event which for the first time puts the farmer at the heart of the debate with our theme ‘Agribusiness in Africa. Organizing Farmers of the Future’. We hope you will join us!