Agribusiness in Africa

Organizing Farmers of the Future

January 23, 2017

Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Berlin, Germany

Since its premiere in 2012, this AGCO Africa Summit has established itself as an important institution for discussing critical issues impacting Africa’s agricultural development.


What sets the AGCO Africa Summit apart from other agricultural conferences is that it has a strong focus on private sector driven agricultural growth, promoting the idea of agriculture as a business and not a development agenda.


The focus of panel topics, discussions and workshops engage with practical real-life examples of leading edge projects and initiatives that are already making an impact which others can learn from.


It is a conference of international character, which attracts CEOs, industry experts and political leaders with a common interest to accelerate the development of African agriculture with a strong focus on networking, information exchange and an emphasis on building lasting business partnerships.  


The overall aims of the AGCO Africa Summit are:

  • Actively engage and lead the international dialogue on the development of the agricultural sector in Africa within the industry and beyond;


  • Raise international awareness for the needs of the agricultural sector in Africa with a strong focus on commercial agriculture, as well as on specific interests of key players throughout the value chain including producers, suppliers, manufacturers, processors and the market;


  • Highlight concrete solutions and opportunities for engaging in sustainable agricultural development in Africa and by doing so, encourage other companies to do the same;


  • Support the spirit of global partnerships and local cooperation, knowledge transfer and sustainability.